Incident: THY A333 at Port Harcourt on Dec 31st 2019, runway excursion, tyre damage

A THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration TC-LOL performing flight TK-627 (dep Dec 30th) from Istanbul (Turkey) to Port Harcourt (Nigeria), suffered a number of damaged tyres upon landing in Port Harcourt at about 03:30L (02:30Z).

Sources claim the captain landed the aircraft next to the runway due to confusion of runway lights (edge lights confused for center line lights).

Local media claim citing Nigeria’s Civil Aviation Authority NCAA that the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

Nigeria’s NCAA confirmed the occurrence rated a serious incident, Nigeria’s Accident Investigtion Board is going to investigate.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Port Harcourt about 15 hours after landing.

The return flight TK-628 was cancelled.

DNPO 310400Z 00000KT 4000 HZ NSC 21/20 Q1009 NOSIG=
DNPO 310300Z 00000KT 5000 HZ NSC 21/21 Q1009 NOSIG=
DNPO 310200Z 00000KT 5000 HZ NSC 24/23 Q1009 NOSIG=
DNPO 310100Z 00000KT 5000 HZ NSC 24/23 Q1009 NOSIG=
DNPO 302300Z 00000KT HZ NSC 24/21 Q1009 NOSIG=

The tyre damage:

Ground tracks and damaged runway edge light: