Incident: Canada B763 at Madrid on Feb 3rd 2020, engine shut down in flight, burst tyre on departure

An Air Canada Boeing 767-300, registration C-GHOZ performing flight AC-837 from Madrid,SP (Spain) to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 130 passengers ad 8 crew, was departing Madrid’s runway 36L when the left hand engine suffered a number of compressor stalls emitting bangs and streaks of flames. The crew shut the engine down, levelled off at 5000 feet initially, later entered a hold at 8000 feet to burn off fuel and had the landing gear inspected by fighter aircraft. The fighter aircraft confirmed one of the left main tyres was blown. The aircraft landed safely on Madrid’s runway 32L about 4:10 hours after departure.

The airline already reported the aircraft experienced an engine issue shortly after takeoff, a tyre reportedly ruptured on takeoff. The crew decided to return to Madrid and is currently holding to burn off fuel. The aircraft is designed to operate on one engine. An emergency was declared.

On Feb 5th 2020 the Canadian TSB reported: “During takeoff, rubber from the number 5 main landing gear tire detached. Some debris was found on the runway and others were ingested by the left engine. As a precaution, the flight crew performed an in-flight shut down of the left engine. After burning off fuel to avoid an overweight landing, the aircraft returned to LEMD for an uneventful landing. There were no injuries to the occupants. Preliminary inspection of the aircraft shows damage to the engine and left main landing gear.” Spain’s CIAIAC opened an investigation.

Compressor stalls (Photo: Dawlad):

      Fighter aircraft inspecting the Boeing (Photo: Air_Intel):

The engine damage:                                                                         

                The tyre damage: