Accident: Omni B763 at Shannon on Mar 8th 2020, hard landing

An Omni Air Boeing 767-300, registration N477AX performing flight OY-346 from Bangor,ME (USA) to Shannon (Ireland), landed on Shannon’s runway 24 at 19:56L (19:56Z) but bounced and touched down hard a second time, tower had reported winds from 270 degrees at 20 knots maximum 35 knots and advised of turbulence at the touch down zone. The aircraft rolled out without further incident and taxied to the apron. While taxiing to the apron, tower inquired whether they had any turbulence over the touchdown zone, which the crew affirmed. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage however.

A post flight inspection revealed creases all around the forward fuselage.

Ireland’s Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) dispatched investigators on site.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Shannon 49 hours after arrival.

On Mar 10th 2020 The Aviation Herald received three more photos and information that a Boeing response team is about to get the repair of the aircraft organised.

EINN 082100Z 27022KT 9999 FEW009 BKN018CB 06/04 Q1006 TEMPO 4000 SHRA=
EINN 082030Z 26017KT 9999 FEW009 SCT018CB BKN045 07/04 Q1006 TEMPO 4000 SHRA=
EINN 082000Z 26023G38KT 6000 -SHRA FEW009 BKN018CB BKN045 07/04 Q1005 TEMPO 4000 BKN045=
EINN 081930Z 26021G32KT 9999 FEW009 FEW020CB BKN060 07/04 Q1005 TEMPO 4000 SHRA=
EINN 081900Z 27018G32KT 9999 FEW009 FEW020CB 07/03 Q1004 TEMPO 4000 SHRA=
EINN 081830Z 26019KT 9999 FEW009 SCT018CB 07/03 Q1004 TEMPO 4000 SHRA=
EINN 081800Z 26027G45KT 9999 -SHRA FEW008 SCT018CB 07/03 Q1003 NOSIG=
EINN 081730Z 27016KT 9999 FEW008 SCT018CB 07/04 Q1003 NOSIG=
EINN 081700Z 25020KT 9999 FEW008 FEW018CB 07/03 Q1003 NOSIG=
EINN 081630Z 26018KT 9999 FEW008 FEW018CB SCT040 07/03 Q1003 NOSIG=
EINN 081600Z 26020KT 9999 -SHRA FEW008 FEW018CB SCT035 08/03 Q1002 NOSIG=
EINN 081530Z 25014KT 9999 FEW008 FEW018CB SCT035 07/04 Q1002 NOSIG=
EINN 081500Z 27031KT 8000 -SHRA FEW008 SCT018CB BKN024 07/04 Q1002 NOSIG=

The fuselage damage from other perspectives: