Airbus A320-232 Hail Damage (Istanbul

AtlasGlobal flight KK1010 returned to land at Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport in Turkey after passing through a hail storm. The nose radome of the Airbus A320 had caved in and sustained a hole as a result of being battered by hail stones.
The aircraft took off from runway 05 at 15:40 UTC. A safe landing was made on runway 35L at 16:08 UTC.

Weather at the time of the incident:
LTBA 271520Z 32021G34KT 290V350 3600 -TSRA SCT016CB BKN026 20/20 Q1003 RETSGRRA BECMG TL1600 9999 NSW
LTBA 271534Z 34017KT 6000 -TSRA FEW020CB BKN035 21/20 Q1002 BECMG TL1600 NSW RMK RWY17L /////KT RWY05 33018KT RWY23 34016KT 310V020
>> LTBA 271550Z 34021KT 9999 -SHRA FEW020CB BKN030 22/20 Q1002 RETSRA NOSIG RMK RWY17L 35016KT RWY05 33019KT RWY23 34016KT
LTBA 271620Z 30016KT 7000 FEW014 SCT025CB BKN080 22/20 Q1004 RESHRA NOSIG RMK RWY17L 31015KT RWY05 29015KT RWY23 31015KT 290V350