Italy to investigate low fuel emergency landing involving Air Moldova Airbus A319 at Rome, Italy

Italy to investigate low fuel emergency landing involving Air Moldova Airbus A319 at Rome, Italy
Date: 05-NOV-2017
Time: 15:10 LT
Airbus A319-112
Owner/operator: Air Moldova
Registration: ER-AXM
C/n / msn: 1786
Fatalities: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants:
Other fatalities: 0
Airplane damage: None
Category: Serious incident
Location: Roma-Fiumicino Airport (FCO/LIRF) -    Italy
Phase: Landing
Nature: International Scheduled Passenger
Departure airport: Chisinau Airport (KIV/LUKK)
Destination airport: Roma-Fiumicino Airport (FCO/LIRF)
Investigating agency:  ANSV

Air Moldova flight 9U891 made a low fuel emergency landing at Rome's Fiumicino Airport, Italy. 
The aircraft, an Airbus A319, operated on a scheduled passenger flight from Chisinau, Moldavia. The flight departed at 13:10 hours local time (11:10 UTC). After a flight of just over two hours, the aircraft positioned for an approach to runway 16L. The approach was aborted at 14:20 hours local time (13:20 UTC). The aircraft then positioned for a second approach, this time for runway 34L. This approach was aborted at 14:33. Subsequently, the flight crew decided to divert to Bologna and climbed to FL160. About 14:45 the flight elected to return to Rome, declaring a low fuel emergency. 
A third approach, to runway 16L again, was aborted at 14:59 hours. The flight then circled for a visual approach to runway 16R and a normal landing was carried out at 15:10 hours. 

The ANSV decided to launch an investigation into this serious incident on December 1, 2017. 

Weather reported about the time of the incident: 
LIRF 051020Z 13018KT 9999 FEW030 SCT050 19/13 Q1012 TEMPO 4000 TSRA SCT014CB 
1110Z: Departure from Chisinau 
LIRF 051120Z 14023KT 9999 TS SCT014CB SCT030 SCT040 19/12 Q1011 NOSIG 
LIRF 051220Z 13017KT 9999 -TSRA SCT014CB SCT030 BKN040 18/12 Q1010 NOSIG 
1320Z: First approach aborted 
LIRF 051320Z 31013G24KT 280V340 2000 1000N +TSRA SCT007 SCT010CB BKN020 BKN030 13/12 Q1011 NOSIG 
1333Z: Second approach aborted 
1359Z: Third approach aborted 
1410Z: Landing runway 16R 
LIRF 051420Z 16006KT 100V200 9999 -RA VCTS FEW005 FEW015CB SCT035 14/14 Q1009 RETSRA 882904// BECMG NSW 
LIRF 051520Z 09012KT 9999 FEW005 SCT040 14/13 Q1009 NOSIG